“Secchi ma morbidi” – semi dried tomatoes

Terrine 350 ml

We have selected the best tomatoes and an excellent extra virgin olive oil, creating a refined and delicious appetizer. The oil of this jar is ideal for seasoning and enrich flavor your dishes.

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A rich and appetizing recipe to bring Mediterranean flavours to the table. Casa Saclà "Secchi ma Morbidi" are selected Italian cherry tomatoes, slightly dried, seasoned with aromatic herbs and capers and immersed in extra virgin olive oil. Tomatoes prepared this way remain soft and juicy and are perfect for lots and lots of uses: a canapé with a cheese spread or burrata, in a salad, or for enriching home-made breads and scones. Finely chopped they add an elegant touch to a mix of fresh herbs or to a simple tomato sauce. Casa Saclà's glass terrine is smart enough to bring directly to the table; drain the oil after opening and serve the semi dried tomatoes directly from the jar. Suggestion: keep the oil for other uses in the kitchen – it is Coratina olive oil, a mono-cultivar of superior quality with a marked and intense flavour, perfect for dressing pasta dishes with vegetables or for cooking meat or marinating it beforehand.