Raw materials

The Casa Saclà brand encapsulates the passion we put into our work day after day. We are cooks, farmers, artisans and producers but above all we are members of a single big family that does its best to bring the cream of Italian cooking to tables all over the world.





Our PASSION comes from a long way off and is rooted in Italian tradition: an art that sets off from the earth to reach the table. 
All Casa Saclà products spring from careful selections of the most particular and famous varieties of raw materials, typical of the various Italian regions, and we employ the techniques of other days in order to maintain the authenticity of the processes that have made Italy’s cuisine unique all over the world. A range of delicacies presented in precious glass jars that recall grandmother’s but which have been studied down to the minimum detail to maintain fragrance and nutritional principles but, above all, the flavours of our products while keeping a respectful eye on the environment.